Wednesday, May 07, 2008

A Fine Beast

Promise of a Minilogue album has been brewing for a while now and after 3 years in the making it's finally dropped. What's perhaps more impressive than the actual delivery finally arriving is that unlike many such elongated projects this one's actually worth the wait! Furthermore it'll take you a fair while to fully absorb it as the CD version is spread over two discs. Disc one (and the vinyl version) contain the dancefloor cuts all of which are in techno / minimal groove and contain plenty of pops, clicks and jackin' rhythms to keep you nicely interested. Tracks are structured rather than just loop-based; a format which gets further room to grow in the fact that the CD version is a seamless journey from start to finish so tracks build nicely up and down again as they blend smoothly into one another.

Disc two continues to deliver on the consistently high quality but this time things are focused squarely on armchair raving as these are chilled out vibes, some of which are totally beatless. Additional discs of this nature often end sitting on the sidelines but after several listens of this one the beauty of the tracks is still growing rather than fading for me and this disc easily stands up as a quality long player in its own right.

So folks, in case you hadn't guessed, I'm rather smitten with this particular opus and am eagerly awaiting the restock of the vinyl version at my local record emporium!

I've posted a cut up from each of the discs below but these are only promo versions so come with a nice lady reminding you of this. You can pick up a proper copy of here.

Minilogue - Cow, Crickets And Clay (Promo Version)
//Animals LP (Cocoon Recordings)

Minilogue - Six Arms and One Leg (Promo Version) // Animals LP (Cocoon Recordings)

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Not talking about you in particular, but I love how people who would have laughed minilogue out of the room when they were doing "psychedelic techno" in 2000 under their Son Kite guise are all over them now that basically the same sound is called mnml. It's a phenomenon that is certainly not limited to one artist, either. The minimal sound so popular now owes a huge debt of gratitude not only to people like Dan Bell and Rob Hood (obviously) but also to artists like Synchro, Atmos, The Delta, Planet B.E.N., and a host of other psy-techno acts from the turn of the century. Admittedly, minimal is part of a larger continuum of sound, but those guys don't get as much credit as is due because they got lumped in with a lot of cheesy "trance" acts.
Like you rightly say, there is an unfortunate trend of people liking stuff because it's 'cool' to do so - maybe this is partly fashion and partly because a particular style being in vogue means that it gets more airplay and as such people get to like it because it's what starts sounding familiar?

Anyway, as far as my own interest in Minilogue goes, I first found out about them through Girl from Bottany Bay in 2006 and aside from this album, have only really heard a handful of tracks since.

However, I think it's time I did some digging so will also add this other list of artists into my investigations too - cheers.
cool. let me know what you think of any of those guys. it's entirely possible that you might hate their stuff. frankly, these days their tracks are all a little too uptempo for me, but i still hold a fondness in my heart for psytechno.
super cover*
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