Friday, May 16, 2008

Are You Having a Laugh?

OK, so we all love quality music and many of us spend endless hours searching out cutting edge tracks or rare classics but do you ever wonder whether you're taking things a little too seriously and should perhaps lighten up a bit? If so, then today's post may come as a refreshing change as it focuses on a pair or artists that introduce a welcome dose of humour into the world of electronic music.

Basing their name on their original recording medium of choice, Cassetteboy have been knocking out snippets of cut and paste humour since the turn of the century with some side-splitting results. Their approach is to generally record sections of audio then rearrange it all to make a mockery of the subject matter in question. While this is perhaps nothing that hasn't been done by others, Cassetteboy manage to maintain consistently good results by keeping the jokes short and sweet and mixing the audio commentary up with musical interludes and full blown comedy songs.

Targets range from world leaders through TV personalities, fellow musicians, the general public plus just some stuff they've produced because it's damn funny.

The guys have got a new album, Carry on Breathing, out on Barry's Bootleg's next month and it's well worth the investment. Their dig at possibly one of the most annoying men on radio features below as does some of their earlier work; a clever splicing of the commetary from the bi-annual tedium of Big Brother and a surefire chat-up winner for all you male charmers out there.

The selections below provide but a mere glimpse of what an album has to offer with the latest one weighing in at around 100 tracks. Keep your eyes peeled for it hitting the shops and you can also catch the guys on tour soon including slots at Glastonbury and the Glade Festival.

Cassetteboy - Why Brother // Inside a Whale's Cock (2003)
Cassetteboy - Cassetteboy // Dead Horse (2005)
Cassetteboy - Chris Moyles // Carry on Breathing (2008)

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