Sunday, April 06, 2008

Wacky Weather

There's little wonder that the British are renowned for our frequent chatter about the weather when within two days we can go from people happily walking round in t-shirts and shorts to me awaking today and seeing two inches of snow on the ground. So in honour of these freakish occurrences, it seems fitting for me to finally get round to putting up some tracks from Exponential Record's 'Wait til the Ice Melts' compilation. The selections below give a good feel for this very pleasant walk through the many facets of indie electronica and if you like these you can pick up a copy of the full release direct from the label's website.

[on hiatus] - Out of the Blue
Aether216 - Forgive Me (stream)
Dead Waiter - The Liar (stream)

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wow.. i've been lurking for awhile. thanks for this great blog.. and this cd i just had to have... =)
awesome, thanks!
Thanks for sharing.
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