Sunday, April 20, 2008

Imperialist Electronics

I got sent some rather nice tracks from a producer with the curious moniker, Goodbye Prussia. I'm not entirely sure whether the Kaiser would approve of Electro mixed with Techno and Dubstep influences but it certainly floats our boat here at the ill-ec-tro-nic.

There isn't a great deal of info that I have gleaned about the tracks except to say that they are from an unsigned producer from Leeds in the UK, not, as one may suspect, a imperialistic German holed up in bunker somewhere on the Baltic coast.

The tracks remind me a lot of the output of Radioactive Man and Two Lone Swordsmen with their sharp electro pulses and dark basslines. Well worth checking

Goodbye Prussia - Milk Boat // Unreleased
Goodbye Prussia - Drawing Board // Unreleased

Milk Boat/Drawing Board are like two movements of the same track. New track Hologram follows on from this sound adding extra synths to the mix.

Goodbye Prussia - Hollogram // Unreleased

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Really like this guy's (girl's?) work. Heard another track - Business (from his myspace) - over on palms out sounds
Thanks for sharing.
Yazılı Soruları
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