Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Rare Breed

The subject of today's post will be old news to many of you being as it's based on an album that came out the best part of a year ago and by an artist that's been putting out stuff since the back end of the 90s. However, Panda Bear only came to my attention after I noticed his Person Pitch album riding high in many of 2007's 'best of' charts.

Having never heard of Panda Bear, I just assumed that Person Pitch was going to be another collection of tasty dancefloor delights but upon giving it a listen it sounded more like it had been stuck in a time warp for the last 40 years. In fact, the initial listen was akin to rummaging through your parent's record collection and finding a discarded gem from their youth. Numerous others have already made reference to the similarities with Brian Wilson's sound so I shan't harp on about it here as 60s music isn't exactly my speciality and I'd probably end up spouting even more rubbish than usual. Instead I'll simply leave you with a track from the album and a link to pick up a copy of your own.

Panda Bear - Take Pills //Paw Tracks

I'll also leave you with a tasty (unofficial) remix we were sent of the opening track from the album which juxtaposes the retro sounds with some modern day electronics. The man behind this runs Exponential records and it's well worth checking out his label over at

Panda Bear - Comfortable in Nautica (Ernest Gonzales Remix)

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I presume you've heard the Pantha du Prince remix of Animal Collective's "Peacebone"? I'm not much for Animal Collective/Panda Bear but that remix . . .
No, not heard that one.

Big fan of Pantha du Prince's stuff so will hunt it out.

Cheers for the tip.
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Whoa! Real music! I see all is not lost RAW.

love that panda bear album... to my ears it doesn't sound like Brian Wilson or the beach boys as such but sounds exactly like i imagined they'd sound when people used to describe Pet Sounds to me... the real beach boys sound was always a disappointment... this is what a frazzled, half-drowned (apparently not an unpleasant feeling, at its extremes...) , sand-stained surfer ought to sound like...
Yo Vinylhed!

I'm surprised and impresssed that you've kept an eye on our humble blog for so long! I can only assume that you must have been a closet raver all along and were just trying to fool us with all those acoustic sounds over the years.
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