Saturday, January 12, 2008

Lying Low?

To assist those of you that have made a resolution to keep things low key during January, I thought I'd post a touch of chill-out today.

A Setting Sun's latest EP, Views From the Real World, came out on Moodgadget at the back end of last year and it's mellow electronica all the way. The first track (available below) has got possibly the longest introduction I've ever heard as it's over four minutes into the track before the kick finally drops.

Maybe it's the artwork and the name that reminds me of Boards of Canada as much as the actual sounds - it's just the melodies really anyway as there's none of BOC's trademark electro beats here. Manitoba, was something else that sprung to mind. Ahh, what the hell, find yourself a comfy seat & check it out for yourself.

A Setting Sun - Walking Toward A Setting Sun // Moodgadget

The EP is only released digitally and is available from the usual places such as iTunes and Beatport.

And for those of you that steadfastly refuse to chill out whatever time of year it is, maybe the next offering is more your cup of tea.

Havoc is produced by Røgge, resident DJ at Milan's club:index and as far as I know it's an unsigned track. If you want to know more about this guy, you can check out his Myspace page.

Røgge - Havoc

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