Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Great Outdoors

Given their length of service and the number of releases under their belts, Soma's importance to the history of dance music is unquestionable. I've found their output to be a bit of a mixed bag over the years but they've had some undoubted highlights such as putting out early Daft Punk and Surgeon tracks as well as the obvious wealth of quality Slam releases such as their all-time classic, Positive Education. Recent years have been more though, due largely to Alex Smoke's extensive output as well as quality releases from Repeat Repeat, Lee Van Dowski & Quenum plus some superb Black Dog reissues.

One of their newer signings that had escaped my notice until now was Let's Go Outside (not the catchiest moniker I've ever heard!). However, I recently got hold of a live set and also tracked down his two singles releases and am suitably impressed by my findings. For those that have yet to hear his work it's basically solid techno beats with a variety of different ideas scattered liberally on top. Whether it be blending sultry female vocals, acid synths or dirty basslines, Let's Go Outside seems to have found a winning dancefloor formula - I'd expect nothing less from a man who cites his primary influences as being "techno, techno, techno and Tetris"!

I've posted a live set below as well as the title track from his Speak My Language 12" which is available for free in it's entirety from the Soma shop. His debut album, A Picnic With The Hunters is out this week so given the number of freebies dished out already, and the fact that there's even more on his website, I strongly urge you to give the man the respect he deserves and buy yourself a copy.

You can also see him in action at Fabric this Saturday alongside a typically stellar lineup which also includes Andrew Weatherall, Ame, Dixon and Henrik Schwarz! - check out the full lineup here.

Let's Go Outside - Speak My Language // Soma
Let's Go Outside - Live PA

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