Thursday, January 10, 2008

Competition Time

We have something a little different for today's post as the nice people at Fabric have provided us with a pair of free tickets to give away for this Saturday night.

As usual, the lineup's pretty damn tasty and if you want to pop along free of charge then all you've got to do is answer this ridiculously easy question:

Q) What was the first track ever posted on this blog?

Send your answer to us at and the first correct entry will get to jump the queue and keep the admission fee in their pocket.

And while we're on the subject of giveaways it seems a fitting time to mention the podcast sections of both Fabric and their room 3 guests this week, 2020Vision,'s websites as there's some quality mixes to be had.

Fabric are up to number 4 in their podcast series but check out the tracklists a little more closely before deciding whether something tickles your fancy as the DJ's are dishing up eclectic selections rather than tracks they're typically associated with (Doc Scott incorporating Kraftwerk, Pink Floyd and Underground Resistance being a prime example!).

2020Vision have got a longer list of podcasts on their site and have just added a new one by The Electric Press. I've not had a chance to check this one out yet but some of the older ones are damn fine and I particularly like the Simon Baker one from November last year as it's dirty techno-flavoured house (or is that house-flavoured techno? ) all the way.

Anyhow, go have a browse for yourselves & good luck with the comp!

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