Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Rare Emotion

I was planning on posting one of the tracks from a mysterious new outfit known only as seldom felt but I haven't got round to ripping the tracks yet so I suggest you just check out the samples from their website and buy yourself a copy. If future releases are up to this standard then the label's gonna become a household name pretty soon even if the producers' names remain hidden!

Not wishing to leave you without at least one new tune, I thought I'd post something that came out on the ever-reliable Speicher series a few weeks back. Once again, this is dancefloor fodder so find yourself something solid to tap your fingers to.

Perc & Fractal - Up (Perc Mix)
// Speicher 52

Buy Speicher releases here

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Yeah! I'm loving the Seldom Felt track ever since I got my copy! It's boss!*!
This Perc and Fractal track is a serious banger... thanks so much for posting it. I have a question about it though. It sounds pretty crunchy: could it be that the gain was set a bit too high when it was ripped from vinyl, or is this an accurate mp3 of how the track actually sounds? Just want to be sure I'm hearing it right... whatever the case, it's an awesome song and thanks for giving it to us!
the rare emotion thing is amazing - who is it?
You aren't kidding about Seldom Felt, but the Perc & Fractal is definitely an acceptable replacement. Seriously one of the most bonkers-in-a-good-way songs I've heard in a while. Can't imagine how great it'd sound in the hands of a capable DJ!
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