Thursday, August 16, 2007

Weegie Wonders

OK, seeing as we're now on a roll with this electro malarkey it seems fitting to dig out two gems I've been meaning to post for some time. Both are from a Glaswegian producer called Redshift who released four quality EPs around the turn of the century and sadly appears to have packed his production gear away since. The EPs came out on his own label, Surface Effect, and I suspect the only way of getting hold of these now is keeping an eye out for them in second hand shops or stealing them from people's collections. Redshift's only other vinyl appearance was on the excellent Stuff Records first EP & speaking of which, this label's fifth release is out this week and if the samples I've heard are anything to go by it's gonna be an absolute belter! It's from new boy Rustie and Boomkat has heaped its praise on it too so it's a fair bet that the measly 400 copies doing the rounds ain't gonna be here for long!

Redshift - Glide // Surface Effect
Redshift - Starbase // Surface Effect

P.S. If anyone out there knows where Redshift is hiding, kindly point him back in the direction of his studio!

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the first track is yummy. am i the only one thinking that the music around 2000 was very, erm, "electronic"...? :-) ("plastic" may be a better description)
Redshift = Mark Shreeve & Friends
cheers but i think that's a different redshift & yes marcus, 'nu' electro was indeed blooming around this time :-)
yo, redshift is indeed the daddy and he is alive and well in the USA. maybe one day new redshift material will materialise.


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