Saturday, August 25, 2007

Here be a Couple of Wizards

Beyond the Wizard's Sleeve - Live @ G-MEX Manchester, July 2007

This track simply sums up the British summer this year.

The Orb (Feat Alan Parker) - Grey Clouds

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THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! I love these guys. Peace
Thanks. This mix let the sunshine come into my house sunday morning. I put a link to it and to your blog on mine.

was searching for the track listing on Erol's website but couldn't find it.. where do I have to look?

Tracklist for BTWS at G GMEX

Beyond Space - Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve
Battlescars (Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve Demo Re-Animation) - The Chemical Brothers
Words - Unknown (Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve Edit)
Hey Bulldog- The Beatles (Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve Edit)
My White Bicycle - Tomorrow
Open My Eyes - The Nazz
Bubble Burst - The Small Faces (Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve Edit)
Uptight - Reggie Cravens Quartet
The Horror Scope - Unknown (Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve Edit)
Just Dropped In - Kenny Rodgers and The First Edition
Love Buzz - Shocking Blue
Young Folk (Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve Re Animation) - Peter Bjorn & John
A House Is Not A Motel - Love (Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve Edit)
The Witch - The Rattles
Save My Soul - Wimple Winch
See Emily Play - Pink Floyd
Once You Understand - Encounter
Banana Splits Theme - Richie Adams and Mark Barkan
Great thanks D, I was looking for this on Erol's website but couldn't find it.
dude, Grey Clouds is so good. So fucking hilarious. But that original with Ricky Lee Jones is hard to parody.





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