Sunday, July 29, 2007

MySpace Magic

I've been thinking for some time that we don't put nearly enough electro up on this blog so after Langer started to redresss the balance a little with his Cybotron post I thought I'd continue in a similar vein by putting up a few tracks from some guys I chanced upon on MySpace.

I've never heard of Etaro previously and there's no reference to them on discogs but from a brief bit of research it looks like they may be signed to Planeta X records. Both Etaro and Planeta X hail from Argentina and unless my memory fails me, this is the first electronic music I've heard from here but given the vastness of the country I'm sure there is much more and if the quality of these guys is anything to go by I want to hear it!

Etaro's tracks embrace a variety of electro styles, taking in italo and some techno influences along the way. Fans of Holland's mighty Clone Records should definitely take note!

Check out their MySpace page as well as their website to hear more of their stuff and pick up some free downloads.

Etaro - Corporación sintética
Etaro - Sequencia moderna
Etaro - Acabar

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Check our netlabel premini, lovelychords and pornophonics are from Argentina...Lo-Fi Rockers from Spain....everything creative commons!
Check out Hometown Records (Seph / Dilo / Jorge Savoretti)

Outstanding minimal techno from Argentina.
I am from the same city of etaro , and i did see their performances , their are a great couple of dj's , whit the more dark
and power sets in the floors of rosario city.
one of them is a big shark
other is a rat
I know what I say
Thank you for the music!!!

DJ Lucio Ka-hara
new set:

my blog:

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