Saturday, April 21, 2007

No Repetitive Beats

Well, in truth there's actually plenty of repetitive beats in key's music but their work is available for free via the musiciam netlabel whose ethos is that any of the music provided via their site needs to be unique / unrepeatable by having being either recorded or played live, containing improvised overlays or even just being the only copy of a particular file.

I've not had chance to check out the rest of the stuff on the musiciam site yet but I discovered it after being given a key demo. It's a 32 minute live techno recording using lots of nice tribal / ethnic style percussion and of course some tasty synth sounds too. I think these guys are based in Brighton although do live gigs in other places as well. Check out the set below and look out for them at your local rave bunker.

key - messages (live demo)

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