Sunday, February 11, 2007

Windowlicking Games

What is the link between Chris Issak and Aphex Twin? The Answer: Anders Trentemoller. Both artists have had bootleg mixes of their tracks done by Mr Trentemoller. I was wanting to do a post about a new mix of 'Take Me To Your Skin' by Trentemoller, so I decided to dig a little deeper. I knew that Trentemoller had done a version of 'Wicked Games' by Chris Issak under the name Businessman which appeared in his Radio 1 Essential Mix. What I didn't know however was that he is also responsible for a track I have had in my collection for some time. (I was probably informed about this fact but promptly forgot) Run Jeremy's version of Aphex Twin's classic 'Windowlicker' is also the handy work of Trentemoller.

Trentemoller - Take Me To Your Skin (Nu Disco Edit) // Beatport Exclusive Buy

Aphex Twin - Run Jeremy's Window Licker (X Rated Lick) // Aphex Twin (White Label)

Of course 'Wicked Games' is best know for that video staring sex kitten Helena Christensen (above) and directed by legendary fashion photographer Herb Ritts. It has always been a guilty pleasure of mine as I can imagine it is of most red blooded males. However I have also got another version of the track which you won't have heard, by none other than this blog's favourite DJs and club promoters, Optimo. Their version is actually older. I have had an MP3 since '05 but I'm sure this was done before the Trentemoller track.

Whereas Trentemoller's is a deep dubby house version, Optimo strip the track right down to it's bare naked elements (hmmm Helena) and produce a sparse minimal Electro version which adds to the dark undercurrents of the vocal. There is not much to choose between the two versions, but let me know your favourite.

[Edit: Apparently this is not the work of Optimo at all, but one member of Renegade Soundwave. Utilising the Richie Hawtin remix of La Funk Mob. Check HERE for full info.]

Businessman - Dubby Games // Balearic Biscuits

Optimo - Wicked Turntable Games // White [Not Optimo but Play A Few]

Of course I couldn't leave without giving you the videos. They are two of the best pop videos ever committed to celluloid (er actually video) Enjoy

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hey there,

first of all: thx a lot for your efforts. you have a very nice blog. i've discovered a lot of marvellous tunes here. 'nuff respect!

concerning your "wicked games special", just one little correction/addition: optimo's "wicked turntable games" is NOT a track produced by them. the instrumental used for this mash-up is a remix by carl craig for la funk mob's "ravers suck our sound", which can be found on these two vinyl-releases:


Thanks for the heads up on that one, I have the original 'Ravers' tune by Le Funk mob but not the remix. I stand corrected.
erm, I stand corrected, too. ;)

it's of course the richie hawtin remix, not the carl craig mix...

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