Saturday, January 20, 2007

Heavy Artillery

Seriously.. How good is this? The Chemical Brothers surpass themselves with this amazing slice of heavy dancefloor artillery. This track has everything, it starts off with some glitchy percussion then goes deep with a mesmerizing dubby synth line, then an analogue squelchy bassline drops to get asses shaking. They then throw in the kitchen sink as it builds to a crescendo of live drums and spiraling synth lines which will leave you in ecstasy begging it to never end. A dancefloor BOMB indeed.

The Chemical Brothers - Electronic Battle Weapon 8 // White Label

Buy it Here

listen to Electronic Battle Weapon 9 and get more info at Risky Bizniz

this is a great tune! no one in the US seems to get it though
Nice, and your wrong, there ARE people from the US who can dig it
....SERiously good tune. but as a brit in new york..i wish more americans loved this kinda stuff, yep.
There are people in the US that can dig this tune, but they all go to bed at about 2am. You need ozzies to make a party.
tee hee
true about the orzies.
it's a banksy cover - no?
... julie in london

ps: i'm moving to san fran in a month and i need places to go - all leads cherished
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