Monday, November 20, 2006

They're Back

And Did We Mention Our Disco? makes its triumphant return to London clubland on Friday 1st December. This was my favourite club of the last 2 years in London. Residents Den Odell, Rory Phillips, Glyn Campbell and Natasia Ksaiba are joined by Simian Mobile Disco and JD Twitch (Optimo) at a brand new venue, The Sub Club. (Any relation to the Glasgow venue?) for their usual mix of (in their words) post-punk, glitch-funk, schitzo-electro and mutant disco. Hmm, Nice. You can get full details from the Our Disco Website and their Myspace

Now I have been bigging up Optimo rather a lot of late so this post will be the last Optimo related post I do for some time. (Phew I hear you cry)

The first track is Twitch's remix or rather cover version of James White & The Blacks 'Contort yourself' from 1978. This was released on the ZE Records Label and was the first release on ZE in almost 20 years. It was later licensed to the Modern Wild Dub compilation. You can read about it in greater detail from Twitch on the Optimo Discography Page you can still buy the compilation from Juno

Twitch - Contort Yourself (Optimo Mix) ZE Records 12" 2003

This is an unreleased version of a mix done for the Skylax label in 2005 of Denise Motto's I'm In XTC It's a jacking Chicago House track from 1987 with a bassline used from Adonis' No Way Back that originally came out on Kool Kat records.

Denise Motto - IMINXTC (JD Twitch's xx Mix) Unreleased version

And lastly here's a bit of mashup fun live from Optimo in 2003. Its starts with Jello Biafra's speech about the invasion of Iraq (now more pertinent than ever) and mashes up John Lennon, Techno and the old Grand Prix theme! I'm still trying to place the horn section, I've heard it before but can't remember the title. Answers on a postcard please.

Twitch & Mac - Give Peace A Dance (Live At Optimo 16.02.2003)

Optimo rules, you can never give them enough big ups
Great mashup fun there
The horn section is from Egyptian Empire-The Horn Track, sounds like the Luke Slater's Khufu remix, just to let you know....

greetings from ghent
Thanks for the info on that Loy, I new I'd heard it before. Will have to try and dig a copy out. Cheers
i was just gonna ask that!!
thanks, Loy!
could you please tell me more djs/producers like that?(you can write to my e-mail, if you prefer:
i was in Ghent doing erasmus last year!
it was i miss music man...:)
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