Thursday, November 23, 2006

The Idiots... Winning?

With Bush and the Republicans getting their asses whipped in the Elections and Rumsfeld (The Devil) loosing his job finally, I am now feeling a sense of relief that the idiots haven't taken over the asylum completely yet, although with the prevalence of reality TV shite like Big Brother and Heat magazine hypnotising the populous, I sometimes agree with James Holden's views that the idiots are indeed winning. (Or is it just the government and the media keeping everyone stupid by feeding them bullshit 24/7?) Anyway I digress. This is a music blog after all and if you want searing political commentary then there are plenty of other blogs for that.

James Holden's new album 'The Idiot's Are Winning' was released a few weeks back and it is one of the electronic albums of the year in my opinion. Released on his own Border Community imprint it is a logical progression from his 12" 'A Break in the Clouds' released on the same label back in 2003. Holden's work doesn't follow the regular strict conventions of most Techno and he deliberately makes his tracks difficult for DJs to play, thinking that the "Cult of the DJ is absurd". Just check some of his remixes for Madonna and Depeche Mode to see what I mean. The two tracks here are a good introduction to the rest of the album, using glitched-up micro beats, the track 10101 is very reminiscent of Akufen, but just as you think you've heard it all before his trademark synths kick in and you know you could only be listening to Holden.

James Holden - Lump The Idiots Are Winning LP

James Holden - 10101 The Idiots Are Winning LP

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James Holden's Remix of 'The Sky is Pink' by Nathan Fake was one of the defining records of 2004/05. It helped define a new direction in the Progressive Tech House/Techno sound. One man who has paid attention to this is Stephan Bodzin. For some of his new material (recently previewed on OHMYGOSH) he has taken the blueprint from this track and turned it up to 11, creating some searing synth action in the process. His remix of The Knife also uses this technique to devastating effect. Enjoy This.

The Knife - Like A Pen (Stephan Bodzin Mix)

As far as I know this is unreleased, But buy other Stephan Bodzin tracks at Beatport and Juno

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Thanks for this blog. The Knife rmx is epic.
Lovely sounds from usual!
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