Saturday, November 11, 2006

Feeling It... Three

Here's some new tracks which I'm currently feeling right now. There is no common thread between any of these tunes, except all will work on a dancefloor at different times of the night from warming up through mid set to the full on climax. ohh.

First up is the new tune by Lazy Fat People. Its somewhat of an odd moniker for two blokes from Switzerland, who by all accounts are not lazy nor fat. With three singles released so far this year and another, The Pixel Girl EP in the works for Planet E it seems like they are pretty prolific. The Shinjuku EP on Wagon Repair is a subtle Techno throbber with livewire synths that float in and out creating peaks and troughs that lifts it above many other mundane minimal tech tunes out there.

EDIT: Full version removed by request. Here is a sample instead.

Lazy Fat People - Shinjuku Shinjuku EP Wagon Repair 12"

Buy Wagon Repair records here

Depeche Mode's influence on modern electronic music cannot be underestimated. I have loved their stuff since the tender age of 15 and Violator is an all time classic. Mention their name to any electronic pioneer from Derrick May to Fran├žois Kevorkian and they will sight Depeche Mode as an influence. When I heard rumour of a remix by Ricardo Villalobos over the summer and talk of his sets in Ibiza containing a new remix of the band, my anticipation was high to say the least. Now Villalobos is not my favourite Techno producer, personally I don't see why people go so nuts about the guy. He has never bettered 'Dexter' and 'Easy Lee' from the Alcachofa album. And his new material just doesn't blow me away. Listening to the yawnathon of his new release 'Fizbeast' on Playhouse, which you can preview over at OHMYGOSH I was bored to tears. NOTHING happens... for 35 mins. Having said that I do however love this remix, but it is the dark tones of the vocal which I keep singing to myself which really has me hooked. Decide for yourself, but I think Villalobos is OVERRATED. Discuss.

Depeche Mode - The Sinner In Me (Ricardo Villalobos Conclave Remix) Best Of.. Remixes CD

Props to OHMYGOSH for this mix.

Over and Over by Hot Chip keeps on getting released, er over and over but everytime the new mixes still sound great. My current fave is this understated dub house workout from Mock & Toof.

Hot Chip - Over And Over (Mock And Toof Dub) EMI 12"

Buy it at Juno

Last but not least is this monster of a remix by Modeselektor of Dial Zero by My Robot Friend. Thanks to Fluokids for turning me onto this. I had to go out and purchase this as soon as I heard it. The big grimey synth riffs and scattershot glitched Hi-Hats will get everyone with legs jumping around like loons.

My Robot Friend - Dial Zero (Modeselektor Remix) Soma 12"

Buy it at

you are so wrong. villalobos is the shit and Fizheuer Zieheuer is THE monster track of 2006. and who are those depeche mode you are talking about?
I don't understand all the recent noise about Villalobos, either - he earned his repuation with 'Easy Lee' but everything since then just sounds like stripped down reworks of his earlier 12"s.
Ghostbusta, You've never heard of Depeche Mode? What planet do you live on? Fizheuer Zieheuer does have it's moments but it is one unoriginal idea stretched out over 35 mins, like no one as ever thought about putting horns on a techno tune before, yeah right.
Thanx for the promotion but please rempove our material in full version.
Lazy fat people.
ummm...who do you are?
not in context of you opinions, but in the total lack of respect for these artists by posting entire tacks.
it's wrong and disrespectful!

lazy fat people already asked you to remove theirs.
as far as i can see, you really quite suck.
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