Saturday, October 14, 2006

Ultra Rare Beck

Considering all the buzz about Beck's new album 'The Information' I thought it high time to post these two ultra rare Beck goodies. These were originally released in 1995 on a Various Artists 7" named 'We are Bacteria' and were credited under the name 'Mr Hansen' They are considered demo tracks by Beck himself but I think they stand up as some of his best work. Polished up they would fit in perfectly with any of his new material. You can read a detailed analysis of Glut and Untitled by clicking on the links. They aren't even registered on Discogs. For up to date info on Beck visit

Beck (Mr Hansen) - Glut V/A We Are Bacteria 7" 1995

Beck (Mr Hansen) - Untitled V/A We Are Bacteria 7" 1995

Wow! Thank you!!!!
Thanx a lot, it's a very nice present!
the second one sounds like the begging stages of Minus from Odelay. Maybe some one should record these to mp3 at the correct speed.
Hi Langer,

any chance you can share for wav or flac?
No, I only have it on MP3 I'm affraid.
these don't seem to work...

any chance for a re-up. or does any one else have these?
Plz Re-UP!!
i too would love to evaluate those two tracks, would you repost for evaluation perhaps? great blog!
anyway you have the track by J Church that was also on this 7". Ryan.
Hello I enjoyed yoiur article. I think you have some good ideas and everytime i learn something new i dont think it will ever stop always new info , Thanks for all of your hard work!.
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