Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Original Wave of New Wave

All Photos © Ted Polhemus/PYMCA. Boy George & Steve Strange, 1981. Various Blitz Kids, London 1981

It's the second in my series of posts dedicated to classic youth subcultures of the 20th century. The New Romantic movement evolved out of the Punk and New Wave scenes and mixed Bowie's glam to the mechanised beats of Kraftwerk. 'Bowie Night' was opened by Steve Strange and Rusty Egan along with George O'Dowd (Boy George) and Phillip Salon and originally started at Gossips in Soho and then moved to The Blitz. This club went on to define the movement known originally as 'Cult With No Name' and later the New Romantics which frequented it became known as 'Blitz Kids'

Ted Polhemus has documented this scene since its inception and is now an author of numerous books on style tribes and youth subcultures. You can buy his books at Amazon and you can view more of his shots at PYMCA. As far as the music goes I thought I'd give you something special from Optimo and some classic intrumentals from The Human League. J D Twitch mixes up Synth Pop, New Wave and Electro-Pop into a mix which he describes as 'Electrobeat'. The sequel to the Electrobeat mix. The Cold War Mix is described as gentle which builds into something "dark and intense" which evokes "the atmosphere of the Cold War when a sense of imminent dread permeated the air."

Optimo - Electrobeat mix 45mins

Optimo - Cold War Mix 45mins

The full tracklisting for the Electrobeat mix is here. The track listing for The Cold War mix is here.

Optimo homepage
Optimo Myspace

The Human League released an album of instrumental versions of some of their classic hits as an album Love And Dancing as The League Unlimited Orchestra in 1981. It was a collection of remixes and instrumental versions segued together by Martin Rushent. It has stood up as a classic of British Synth Pop/Electro Pop ever since and became a blueprint for early Electro House productions.

The League Unlimited Orchestra (Human League) - Things That Dreams Are Made Of Love And Dancing LP 1981

The League Unlimited Orchestra (Human League) - Do or Die / Seconds Love And Dancing LP 1981

cold war mix is fucking outstanding!! There are so many songs and sounds in there from the 80's club scene I loved and that I haven't heard in so long it was like a trip back in time. Really awesome, I thank you for putting it out. I cant get myself to turn it off cuz it still sounds great today!
Hi!! my new mínimal set here: http://www.zshare.net/audio/micromini-mp3.html
Enjoy it!
Lovely blog-Could you re-up the league unlimited mixes please?
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