Friday, October 13, 2006

Logical Progression

We've given you some Modeselektor and I'm pretty sure our regular readers will know of our love for Apparat so we though it appropriate to divulge what they sound like when they share the same studio time.

According to the bible there's only been one full Moderat release to date which came out on BPitch Control in 2003. As you'd expect, it's a bass-heavy glitched electronica affair and although it's nothing earth-shatteringly original (it is 3 years old mind!) it's well worth checking out nonetheless, especially for the speaker-shaking 'Russian Courier'.

However, I actually think that some pages are missing as looking here would suggest there's at least one other release too.

They've also put out a couple of other tracks on compilations including the tasty little nugget of dub electronica below.

Here's hoping there's more such collaborations in the pipeline!

Moderat - Let Your Love Glow

Lordy. Can't... stop... listening...
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