Saturday, October 28, 2006

Just the right side of dirty...

Here's an intimidating S+M dungeon of a tune, just in time for Saturday. If you are heading to a darkened dancefloor tonight, I guarantee that this will put you in the mood to behave badly. I'm not generally a fan of vocals in techno, but You're My Kind!, the b-side from Don't Go by Elektrochemie is a shining example on how to do it properly. In fact, the 'firm but fair' gothic eurotrash style vocal really makes this a memorable piece of work. Well, that and the intense bass-synth action.

Although the vocal sounds like the classic Berliner style, Caitlin Devlin (appropriate surname!) is from Australia, although does now live in Germany, where the other two members of the group, one Thomas Schumacher and his friend Stephan are located.

Elektrochemie - You're My Kind!

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