Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Strictly For The Purists

Exclusive New Mixes Part 2

This is the second of the Bacardi B Live exclusive mixes. Metro Area have done a pure disco mix which showcases the influences on their sound. There are none of their own productions in here and none of the new 'space disco' sounds of Lindstrom, Alden Tyrell et al. A track listing is unavailable at present but I will keep you posted if I get my hands on one.
Warning! if you are not a serious Disco fan then step away from the vehicle. This one's for the fans.

Metro Area - B Live Mix 57 mins

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Gorgeous mix. Thanks so much.
...and I've just creamed my pants. Good find! I'll have to get this when I get home from work. Cheers!
Great mix. I hate Lindstrom, etc. So over-rated. But this was great. Best post in over a month. Keep it funky... 'cause dance music is supposed to be funky.
Did you ever get a tracklisting for this? It's a super sweet selection of tunes and I really need to get my hands on some of them. A quick Google reveals nothing so any help appreciated. Thanks

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