Friday, August 25, 2006

Feeling It

Here's some tracks I'm feeling at the moment. Paul Kalkbrenner rocks it with a Techno monster on BPitch Control. A live track from Apparat recorded in Berlin imaginatively titled 'Berlin' on the label with the best name ever, Shitkatapult. His sound also comes into its own on 'Cheap Thrills' with a breakbeat led Techno/Electro tune utilising his trademark fuzzy synth sounds.

Paul Kalkbrenner - Keule (Original Mix) BPitch Control 12"

Apparat - Berlin (Live recording) Shitkatapult 12"

Apparat - Cheap Thrills BPitch Control 12"

This track is available free as part of a Beatport promotion of tracks from the Monegros Desert Festival

I like the first track. Even though minimal teckno doesn't work much for me these days, this one is a killer!
Hey man! Really great blog, congratulations. SOrry about that, but I couldn't get the My Bloody Valentine remix - Soon (Andrew Weatherall Remix), and you seem to be the only one to have it. Could you send me it? My email is, put me in the list. Thanks a lot!
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