Sunday, June 18, 2006

Ole Ole Ole

Seeing as the world cup is now well and truly underway and many people are spending most of their waking hours thinking of ‘the beautiful game’, I thought it would be great idea to post up some of England’s finest world cup anthems over the next few weeks. That is until I reminded myself that I’m not one of the aforementioned people & that I’ve never heard a football song that I even consider half decent! I therefore decided that doing a series of posts based around fine music to be associated with the host nation would be a much better idea.

Therefore, for the first in my series of tentatively linked ‘world cup specials’ I’m going to focus on the artists behind one of my favourite albums of last year; Modeselektor - Hello Mom.

These guys put both fun & originality back into music and their tracks are always suitably varied whilst still maintaining their staple ingredients of glitched hi’s and a ludicrously heavy bottom end.

First up is a live version of Hasir, one of the mellower moments of the aforementioned album, recorded at the Parisian techno haven Rex.

modeselektor-hasir (live @ rex,paris)

This track is actually taken from the special musick for special people complitaion available here.

Next up is another track with a live feel, this time taken from Labland, their multimedia collaboration with Pfadfinderei. I’ve not actually seen the DVD but by all accounts it rather good and if the visuals are even half as good as the soundtrack then I reckon you’re in for a real treat. You can pick up a copy here. The track posted below has somewhat of a mashup feel & I particularly like the bit near the end where it turns into a full on four four stomper.

pfadfinderei and modeselektor - nightcreatures

Anyway, that's all for today, remember to tune in soon to see who makes it through to round two.

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