Thursday, June 01, 2006

Back to Basic

Basic Channel are back! Well you could argue that they never went away. Since their last release 'Trak II' as Phylyps on the Basic Channel label, in September 1994, Moritz Von Oswald and Mark Ernestus have been busy with numerous other projects including the M series as Maurizio, Deep House grooves from the 'Round' series, as well as Dub and Reggae with Rhythm & Sound productions. They formed the Chain Reaction label as a continuation of their minimal sound asthetics featuring releases by other artists Perlon, Scion, Porter Ricks, Monolake and Vainqueur. Rhythm & Sound and other label Burial Mix have released all their Reggae collaborations with such artists as Paul St Hilaire aka Tikiman, Cornell Campbell & The Chosen Brothers.

The main reason for all the excitment is that Rhythm & Sound have just released part 4 of the 'See Mi Ya' remix series with mixes by longtime Detroit collaborator Carl Craig. Carl released their 'Quadrant - Infinition' release on Planet E back in 1993 and has been remixed by Basic Channel for his 'Remake' and 'Climax' 12"s. Carl also contributed a remix to 'Domina' for Maurizio on the M3 release. Basic Channel have also given Rhythm & Sound (ie themselves. Er it gets confusing here) A Basic Reshape.

Enough with the tangled web that is the Basic Channel history, they have always let their music do the talking. And what spacial, subliminal music it is.

Rhythm & Sound - See Mi Version (Basic Reshape) Burial Mix 12"

Rhythm & Sound - Poor People Must Work (Carl Craig Remix) Burial Mix 12"

Basic Channel are rightly legends within the Techno community, their subtle, spacial dub 'fluff in the mixer' sounds are unequalled in electronic music circles. Many have imitated, none have bettered. Check these slabs of metallic brilliance and you'll see what I mean. Respect.

Basic Channel - Phylyps Remix [BC-03]
Basic Channel - Octagon (Edit) [BC-07]
Basic Channel - Quadrant Q1.1 [BC-04]
Maurizio - M4 (Original Mix) [M4A]
Quadrant - Infinition [Planet E]

More information can be found at
You can buy releases at their shop in Berlin Hardwax

Genres: [Techno] [Dub] [Reggae] [Minimal] [Electronic] [Remixes]

awesome! been waiting to hear the carl craig mix for a while. He did NOT disappoint either!
Thanks so much. I have been anticipating this with baited breath.
i've been wondering about rhythm & sound's identity for quite some hard to keep track of monikers these many names and just one face...personalities manifest in different ways, different sounds, different interests...(i wish sometimes i could have many names for each of my moods)...thanks for including basic channel's ingredients...and the tunes! ciao...:::...
I second Bryan...
I've been waiting to hear the C.C. mix forever now. Thanks! Basic Channel is definitely one of my favorite soundscapes ever. Nice to see them get some love.
My lord. You're a legend. Thanks again for the Great Great post.
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