Monday, May 29, 2006

Under The Radar

First up is a track that came out at the back end of last year and has taken a while to reach these ears at least. Unlike so many tracks that get massive hype prior to their release and fail to live up to the high expectations set for them, this track has done the opposite and earned it’s reputation through word of mouth around it’s deep techno throb and beautiful synths. Anyhow, rather than rattling on endlessly about the virtues of this fine piece of music (especially as you may have read about them several months ago if you were more on the ball with this release that I was), I’ll just bung the track up and let you hear its greatness for yourself.

Ame - Rej

Buy the vinyl here.

Perhaps I missed it because it came out on Sonar Kollektiv, a label I don’t normally check but based on that form I think I may have to give it some closer inspection!

I came across the track on the Fabric 27 CD mixed by Matthew Dear (also available above), a tasty workout of tough minimal techno that I’m sure my neighbours just love when I play it on high volume ;o).

Matthew Dear’s been getting quite a lot of press over the last year or two and has some quality releases under his belt in his own name and various others, including his darker Audion guise. The track below is the opener from his excellent Audion – Suckfish LP last year and should give anyone new to his stuff a taster of the sound.

Audion - Vegetables

I recommend digging around and seeing what else he has to offer as well as how others approach remixing his work including Roman Flugel’s mighty take on ‘Just F*cking’.

Check out his websites too with the Audion one in particular offering a couple of head-wrecking visual downloads.

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