Thursday, May 18, 2006

Lindstrom and On and On and On

Back by popular demand. A brand new unreleased track by Lindstrom.
For those of you who did not get it last time I posted this, be quick because it will not be here for long. Enjoy your breakfast.

Lindstrom - Breakfast in Heaven

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thanks a ton for re-posting this man. any info if/when it's gonna be released?
No idea about release dates at the moment, It was a single track CDR with very little info. I'll try and get more details from the person who gave it to me.
sounds like bad Vangelis... or something from back then.


post more stuff like that 'electro' joint by leger.
any chance you could repost this lindstrom track (breakfast in heaven) ? ? i just learned about it and can't find it anywhere.

thanks in advance.
I have already re-posted this track twice. (See also Birthday Bombs post) I won't be posting it again.
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