Thursday, May 11, 2006

Around The World, Around The...

A very quick post today, seems like I never get the time these days. Inspired by a track posted on Oh My Gosh, I decided to purchase this extremely good techno compilation on Cologne based label Traum Schallplatten. It is an exellent example of the minimal electronic sound coming out of Germany at the moment, however the this comp has an international feel (hence the name Interkontinental 5) with artists from England, Austria, Belgium, Portugal, Canada and of course Deutchland.

This track is a prime example of the so called 'minimal' techno coming out of Germany (strange how the minimal sound doesn't actually sound that minimal anymore) However it has been produced by a Canadian by the name of Jesse Somfay. check out more info on his website This track gets off to the usual bleepy start but but really starts to get hypnotic and takes off after an epic breakdown in the middle (Its almost the new Trance!)

Jesse Somfay - Faberge

Buy this compilation from Juno

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