Thursday, April 06, 2006

Viva Villalobos!

A special post today of Exclusive Ricardo Villalobos tunes! only a few people will have ever heard these before. If you are among them then you are privilaged indeed.

Ricardo Villalobos is the Chilean born producer of very minimal glich techno for various labels including Playhouse, Perlon, Cadenza, plus many more and produces under many aliases, of which you can find out more info here

These tunes are remixes/bootlegs that have never had a official release.

The first is from The Truffle Club. Hailing from Glasgow, Scotland, these guys are closely associated with Optimo and appear on releases by Stuff Records

The Truffle Club
give a reworking to 'Dexter' a Villalobos classic from the 'Alcachofa' album by adding extra drums which really lift the track and complement that classic bassline riff.

Next it's the turn of Smith N Hack who had a remix on the Alcachofa Remix album. According to my information this is an unreleased mix from the Playhouse Vaults (If this is wrong please let me know)

Villalobos - Dexter (The Truffle Club Drum-off)

Villalobos - Easy Lee (Smith N Hack Unreleased Mix Pt1)

Buy Ricardo Villalobos records from Phonica, Boomkat & Juno

Other bloggers, if you want to share these tracks please link to this page and not direct to the mp3 so I can get more readers! Thanks to Headphonesex for the link (even if the name was spelt wrong!)

I will be away for 10 days or so but will be back soon with an exclusive Lindstrom track (hopefully if I'm allowed) So stay tuned.

Great stuff and nice blogg. There´s two were I post, one is already in your linklist (24 Hours), the other (Tooli - written in swedish but there´s music also!)might be your cup of tea. cheers, Tooli
yeah, lovely blog and lovely tunes. Will link you up asap. As for that mix of ricardo, i think (but wouldn't bet my life) that it was the Random Factor mix of 'Easy Lee' that's unreleased. Anyway, cheers for all the tunes, and keep checking TAPE
Swiftly moving inwards. A nod to you whilst I undertake further perusal...
Thanks for Info regarding 'Easy Lee', glad you all like the selections.

Can u upload it again, please ??
thx thx
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