Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Trance? NOT Trance...

I was digging through the crates, to find some classic tunes to post, when I rediscovered this lost gem. It's always nice to find old records that you had forgotten about and even better when they still sound amazing after over 10 years.

The tracks here are from a compilation of US based artists brought together under the moniker of Trance Atlantic (dodgy name once more) it was a follow-up to another comp released called Trance Europe Express (You can see where they are going with this) Back in 1995 when Trance was not a dirty word and bared more resemblence to Techno. The German Techno sound gradually evolved into Trance through Harthouse and EyeQ records coming out of Frankfurt.

Anyway, these tracks are no where near Trance, they are in fact Classic Detroit Techno, from the masters of the sound. Carl Craig, Juan Atkins, Kenny Larkin and Aux 88. The latter being experts in Detroit Electro.

Yennek (Kenny Larkin) - Dancing Tides

As far as I know this was the only appearence of this track by Yennek, one of many of Kenny Larkin's Aliases.

Infiniti (Juan Atkins) - Martians at Work

A track with the classic Juan Atkins deep space sound. This later appeared on of the 'Infiniti Collection' released on Tresor.

Im.Mortal Music (Carl Craig) - Slam Dance

This track from Carl Craig has a Chicago House groove to it and is reminiscent of his work as Paperclip People. This was the only place that this track was ever released.

Aux 88 - Phantom Power

A break from the usual Aux 88 heavy electro sound, a bit of mellowness for a change.

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