Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Space is the Place.... Lindstrom exclusive

Having just got back from my lovely tour of Scotland, with a quick stop off at Optimo (been waiting for a long time for that one) here is the new and exclusive Lindstrom track I promised a couple of weeks back.

This was handed to me with strict instructions as to sharing because it is currently unknown whether it will get a full release, so if I have to take it down soon you'll know that it was too hot.

This track is very typical Lindstrom but still sounds different to his other releases and work with Prins Thomas. Its very UP, to say the least. Titled 'Breakfast In Heaven' it builds in to a crecendo of angelic preportions with a relentless synth riff that breaks down into an epic choir-like chant.

Lindstrom - Breakfast in Heaven

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By hooking up with Prins Thomas the two producers have gained a top reputation as defining the new 'Space Disco' sound by taking the standard electro house blueprint and merging it with the organic disco sound. They are also in big demand as the remixers du jour, giving everyone from Annie, Juan Maclean, LCD Soundsystem, Freeform Five and Alexander Robotnic a lick from the space disco stick!

Here is one of my Favourite remixes of their's, 'Disco Lunar Module' by Alden Tyrell
Hailing from the Netherlands Alden Tyrell (Real Name M. Hoogendijk) is also a master of the new electro disco sound coming out of Europe. Closely involved with Clone Records
and also releasing tunes on Viewlexx check out the Cybernetic Broadcasting System for Internet radio with a difference. Electro, Italo, Techno and a bit of 80's cheese played 24/7.

Alden Tyrell - Disco Lunar Module (Lindstrom & Prins Thomas Mix)

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And here's a final bonus, the Intrumental version of 'Love Explosion' his first release on Viewlexx with a definitely more electro house sound. Enjoy.

Alden Tyrell - Love Explosion (Instrumental)

all dead :-(
that lindstrom looked hot too! dang!
We're back but for how long? Was a technical glich, no one asked me to remove this.

Some files still working. Am going to get better hosting soon.

But it's not just you, everything that contains "mp3" has suddenly started to disappear from zshare every couple of hours (apparently).
Do you have the VOX version of love explosion??
I don't have the vocal version I'm affraid as I don not have a copy of the vinyl. Only an MP3 of the instrumental. I'll re post it because zshare keeps messing up.
oh hello
please could you repost Breakfast in heaven please !
i love it so mucjh but can't find it even in soulseek

it would be so great
merci d'avance !
please reup the instrumental of love explosion ... ty
well, I can say many things about this band but I think that the most important thing is the the album is so nice.
I like this band...
Links is dead =(
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