Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The Mad World of Maurice

A post of some tracks that redefine the word 'Wonky'. These tracks from Maurice Fulton maybe familiar to some, but will always make you go 'what the hell is that!' if heard out in a club or party.

They employ familiar drum patterns, but that is where any similarities end with regular house, Techno or electro tracks. The amount screechy noises employed plus wonky sub-bass may may you think that you were listening to some new Grime dubplate straight out of some Bow basement. Wiley, Jammer, Dizzie et al would lap this shit up.

Its very difficult to describe these tracks in normal terms but they all share one common thread and that is despite the random sqelches and wonky (keep using that word) sub-bass they are still very musical and each track gradually evolves into something which is familiar and comforting and not something weird and freakish, unlike some tracks which claim to be 'challenging' when in fact they are just unlistenable.

So give them a chance and they will gradually weave their magic upon you.

Syclops - The Fly

These two tunes have came out on Tirk records, recently formed out of the remnents of Nuphonic and now releasing some much more leftfield electronica, jaunty electro pop with New Young Pony Club and Krautrock inspired grooves from Fujiya & Miyagi (Definitley worth checking)

have a look at the website for more info

Syclops - Mom, The Video Broke

By these records from Juno

This is a remix of a tune out on New Religion records in 2004.
Critical Phase are made up of Dan Keeling and Kirk Degiorgio, a name familiar to anyone into techno. It was a split 12" with Freak Seven with art work from the legendary artist and producer Alan Oldham. Maurice Fulton provided the suitably strange remix, which may have inspired his production for the tracks above.

Freak Seven vs Critical Phase - The Voice of Phase (Maurice Fulton remix)

nice post! luuv that crazy maurice.

nice tidbit about tirk... i had no idea of it's relation to the nuphonic camp
stop using yousendit!
you can't download tracks after like a day or something!
i really want that lindstrom song, and the syclops one!
I did use Zshare but it fucked up. Yousendit was a temporary solution. Too late for the Lindstrom track anyway.
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