Sunday, November 23, 2008

Golden Touch

A track on the new Hyperdub release by King Midas Sound (Kevin Martin and Roger Robinson) has got me all a flutter for its use of some inspired sampling of Techno legend Derrick May. The Dabrye remix of 'One Ting' utilises a lo-slung Hip Hop break and a hushed spoken word style vocal about love and heartache. It is the soaring pitch-bending strings that is May's hallmark sound however that elevates this track to the stratosphere. Would it have the same impact without them? I doubt it.

King Midas Sound - One Ting (Dabrye remix) // Hyperdub buy

The samples in question have been taken from a track that was chopped up and used as intervals between tracks on the classic Transmat compilation 'Relics', One of the best Detroit Techno compilations ever. You can find a vinyl copy on Amazon and also Discogs Marketplace

Here is the sample track in question

Derrick May - Interval I // Relics Transmat

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Right on. dope remix from dabrye. thanks...
Dabryes remix would be zilch without it. A hommage? mos def.
and then this Derricks track revealed i thing from my memory - veru good days from my youth when CDs were quite rare (i`m from Russia) and i spinned AEs track Eutow round and roud.

They r like space brother, dont they?
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